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Miscellaneous Fee Schedule

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, applied to your account.

Business Bill Pay Fees (including Employee Direct Deposit & EFTPS)

$14.95 per month

Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer

$15.00 per wire

Outgoing International Wire Transfer

$34.99 per wire

Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer

$5.00 per wire

Incoming International Wire Transfer

$15.00 per wire

Deposit Item Return

$5.00 per item

Next Day Deposit for Checks/ACH presented

$9.99 per item

Discretionary Overdraft Previlege

$28.00 per item

Stop Payment Fee

$20.00 per item

Counter Checks

$1.00 per item

Check/ACH Return Fee (NSF Fee)

$28.00 per item

Loan Deposit Return Fee

$28.00 per item

Interim Statement Fee

$5.00 per statement

Statement Reprint Fee

$5.00 per statement

Cashier's Check Fee

$5.00 per check

Manual Account to Account Balance Transfer

$3.00 per transfer

Deposit/Paid Check Copy

$2.00 per item

Account Research Fee

$25.00 per hour

Returned Mail Fee

$5.00 per occurrence

Dormant Account Fee (after 12 months of no activity)

$5.00 per month

Certified Mail (Documents, Check, Cashier's Check, etc.)

$5.00 per item



Check, Deposit Slips, Stamps, etc.

See Deluxe Website

Merchant Deposit Capture Fee

$24.99 per month

Merchant Deposit Capture Batch Deletion

$25.00 per batch

Merchant Deposit Capture Duplicate Scan

$100.00 per batch

Letter of Credit

$100 per letter

ACH Origination Fee

$5.00 per file + 0.05 per item

ACH Exception per returned item


ACH Exception per file reversal


NACHA Unauthorized Entry Fee

$5.00 per item

NACHA Unauthorized Entry Credit

$5.00 per item

Account Access
Access your accounts at PFCU 24 hours a day with Home Banking or telephone banking 1-877-PFCUTEL (732-8835) or Call us at 1(877) PFCU4YOU (732-8496).