Certificates of Deposit

With a Certificate Account from Platinum Federal Credit Union, you know your exact return on investment with fixed dividend rates. Choose from 6 to 60 Month terms, depending on your investment strategy. Our competitive rates let you take advantage of risk-free* investing while enjoying the great rates you've come to expect. We offer a variety of rates for business accounts with minimum opening deposits as low as $1,000.

Short-Term Certificate: For members wanting a quick return on their investment, generally payable or reaching maturity within a relatively brief time, usually less than one year.

Long-Term Certificate: For members wanting to invest their money for longer than one year, generally receiving a higher rate of return.

  • Account Access
    Access your accounts at PFCU 24 hours a day with Home Banking or telephone banking 1-877-PFCUTEL (732-8835) or Call us at 1(877) PFCU4YOU (732-8496). 

NCUA insurance limit up of $250,000.

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