Emergency Loans

Have you ever had an emergency such as Car breakdown, medical fees, attorney fees, etc. that require quick or emergency loan?

At Platinum Federal Credit Union, we understand this immediate need for liquid funds and so we have designed a loan product called emergency loan to fulfill this need of our members.

Emergency loans are available to PFCU members for up to $5,000 for emergency purposes only. PFCU's credit committee chairman and chief lending officer determines the loan purpose and if it qualifies for the emergency loan than the loan will be processed in 24 to 48 hours so that you can fix your car, take care of family, etc.

Please visit one of the credit union branch locations or download the forms required for emergency loan and talk to our loan officers for your emergency loan application processing.

Account Access
Access your accounts and loans at PFCU 24 hours a day with Home Banking or telephone banking 1-877-PFCUTEL (732-8835) or Call us at 1(877) PFCU4YOU (732-8496).

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