Secured Loan/Line of Credit

How does Share/CD Secured Loan/Line of Credit work?

Visit one of our branch locations and apply for your fully secured loan at Platinum Federal Credit Union which is secured against your funds in Money Market account, Certificate of Deposit account or your Savings account at PFCU. You will have a low fixed rate on your loan and you can use this loan for any purpose. We have seen our members using these loans for business, line of credit to cover overdrafts, etc. You or your business pays the installment while your life savings are securely earning interest.

Click here to see our low rates on Share/CD Secured Loans.

Account Access
Access your accounts and loans at PFCU 24 hours a day with Home Banking or telephone banking 1-877-PFCUTEL (732-8835) or Call us at 1(877) PFCU4YOU (732-8496).

Secured Loans

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