VISA® Debit Card

Instead of writing a check, use the VISA® Debit Card.

  • Purchase goods and services from any merchant who accepts VISA and get cash back
  • Amounts are deducted from your checking account similar to check clearing
  • Use at ATM machines to make deposits and withdrawals to and from your checking account. Using CU24 ATMs is Free to PFCU members. Please note, PFCU belongs to CU24 Here, CU24 Select and Money Pass networks. PFCU does not belong to their Allpoint network.
  • Honored by all merchants that display the VISA® logo
  • It’s fast and convenient

Always choose "Credit"! It’s to your advantage!
When using your VISA® Debit Card for a retail purchase, you will be given a choice between debit (using your PIN) or credit (signature required). Be sure you always choose credit when you do not need cash back.
What’s the difference? In both cases the amount of your purchase will be deducted from your checking account. When you choose "debit", you are not covered under the zero liability for unauthorized transactions. However, if you push "credit" you have coverage for zero liability on unauthorized transactions.

To Report Lost or Stolen Debit Card, Please call 1-800-325-3678.

Account Access
Access your accounts at PFCU 24 hours a day with Home Banking or telephone banking 1-877-PFCUTEL (732-8835) or Call us at 1(877) PFCU4YOU (732-8496).

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